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This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Dodds' Second Grade Class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School By Taya Combs, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

alphabet tornado

 Hello Navigators! This is your captain Taya Combs. I heard that there are some people having problems with spelling and I am here to help. Here are a few website and games that will help you to enjoy spelling. I also have a mission for you to complete.  In order to complete the mission you have to be well trained in spelling. Here are some website that will  help you out. Read over them and play some of the games, until you feel comfortable with spelling any words. I will be checking back with you and I want a full update on you accomplishments. Unitl then, BYE!!!!

    Watch out!! Hop aboard out of the rain

spelling 1,2,3
This website will spin you out of control trying to  unscramble the words. BE CAREFUL!!
garfield Learn about prefixes and how to use them. This will help you attack those hard words and get them beat!
puzzle maker
Like playing with puzzles? Click here and create your own puzzle with spelling words.
Help the Kangaroo find the miss spelled words.He will help you hop all over your spelling test

Need help spelling? Here are some guidelines that will help you learn.  These guidelines will guide you through the mission.
fact monster
Wash up on some hot  definitons and correct spellings of some words. You have to know what to say to the enemy.

primary games
Twisting and a Twirling with  BLENDS 
will help you get out of the way of wrong answers.

Swap & Spell

Watch out! The storm coming. Swap some letters to get away.

spelling bee Try out the your new spelling technique with this Spelling Bee


Hey again Navigators! This is your captain. Hope your training was fun and not to stressful. I have a secret mission for you to complete. If you should accept the mission, you will be able to make any spelling fun.  You may use the puzzle maker website above to help you with some puzzle ideas. Here is you mission:

Pretend you have just won the opportunity to make you own puzzle game..You have to make up the puzzle and the rules for the puzzle. The only requirement is that you use these 10 words: cutting, batting, hitting,skipping,running, mopped, swatted, slipped, spotted, and kissed. You will need you armor of construction paper, scissors, and markers to complete the mission. Are you willing to take on the mission? If so, then armor up and go for it. By the way, you need to report back to me in 45 minutes.

Steps for Mission

STEP 1: Think of a your favorite kind of puzzle.
STEP 2: Once you have gotten a puzzle idea get some construction paper and scissors and make it.
STEP 3: Now you need to name the puzzle and write 3 rules that must be followed in order to figure the puzzle out.
STEP 4: Try and work out the puzzle yourself and make sure it is effetive, then share it with your classmates


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