Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
by Ray Cruz (Illustrator), Judith Viorst (Author)
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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is one of my favorite books I have read. I like this book because, when I was younger I had days like this,  and I felt just like Alexander felt. Alexander started off having a bad day when he woke up with the gum in his hair because he forgot to take it out his mouth before going to sleep. Then after her woke up and got ready to get out of bed he tripped over the skateboard and mistakenly dropped he shirt in the water. His day started off as a ready for school he went downstairs to eat breakfast, terrible, no good, very bad day. When he got both of his brothers got toys in their cereal boxes and he got nothing but cereal. On the way to school he had to sit in the middle because Mrs. Becky let the other children sit by the window. Alexander said that he was smashed and crowded ,but no one heard him. Once he arrived at school his teacher, Mrs. Dickens, didn't say much about Alexander's' invisible castle, so he felt like she didn't like it. All day during school, Alexander sang to loud and counted wrong. At recess Alexander's' friend, Paul, said he didn't want to be Alexander's' friend anymore. Alexander felt all alone. At lunch while everyone was eating there dessert, Alexander had to watch because his mother forgot to pack him one in his lunch. After school was over Alexander had to go to the dentist, and he was the only one with a cavity. Outside the dentist office, Alexander tripped and fell in the mud and got all dirty. Once he got up he started to fight his brother and his mother caught him, and he got in trouble. When it was time for him to get some new shoes, the store didn't have the colors he wanted so he had to get plain white ones. On the way home, they stopped by to pick up his dad from work. His dad told him don't touch anything and be careful. Alexander knocked over all his papers, and his dad told him don't come back to pick him up from work. It was time for dinner and the food that Alexander hated the most in the world, lima beans, is what that had. His bath water was to hot, and soap got into his eyes while he took he bath. He had to wear his railroad pajamas to bed, the ones he hates. Once he got ready for bed the pillow he was given was gone and the night light burned out. Alexander was definitely having a terrible,horrible, no good, very bad day.

Critical Thinking Questions:

1. Have you every had a bad day like Alexander? Explain.
2. Describe what you think will happen to Alexander the next day?


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