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Designed by Tesha Alexander

       frog dancing with banjo

     My name is Tesha Alexander, and I am a student at Valdosta State University.  I am currently in my third year, and I am working on my Interrelated Special Education/Early Childhood Education Master's degree.  My expected graduation date is May, 2008.  Teaching is a career that I have always wanted to possess.  I love to work with children!

    In addition to children, however, I love animals!  I was raised on my family's farm in Patterson, Georgia, where my love of animals began. Also, as a child my family took numerous trips to the Jacksonville Zoo, which furthered my fascination with animals.  We've owned cows, goats, dogs, cats, and rabbits. 

    I currently reside in Fitzgerald with my husband and don't have cows and goats of my own, but we do have one persian cat (Callie), a manx cat (Baby), and a p
ekingese dog (Sheff).  Owning animals brings so much laughter into our lives, and I enjoy spending time with them. 


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