This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Sunshine's 1st Grade Class at Doerun Elementary School By Teresa Jenkins, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher

butterflies and flowers

School begins at the end of summer.  Then begins fall.  Right around corner comes winter.  A few months later we are into spring.  With spring comes green grass and beautiful flowers.  The birds that have left for winter in some areas come back during spring.  There is that old saying April showers bring May flowers.  In this website we will learn about April showers and May flowers and some springtime animals too.  Please have lots of fun as you research Spring.

cheerful flowers

changing weather

April Showers bring May flowers.
Sometimes it rains a lot in the spring time.

Click her to learn about rain in the encyclopedia.
duck in pond

Ducks love the spring time air.

Click here to find out about ducks.

butterflies on flowers
Aren't butterflies beautiful?
Butterflies love springtime flowers.

Click here to learn about butterflies.

love birds
 Birds come back in the spring.  Click below to learn about their ears.
Where are birds' ears located?


Aren't dinosaurs awesome?

Did you know that there are dinosaurs plants?
Click here to learn all about them.

tree adjusting top
Tree leaves grow back a beautiful green.  Trees are very tall.
This site will tell you how to measure a tree.


You are a reporter for Doerun Dearly Reader.  The editor, your boss, has given you a special assignment.  He wants you to go on a special trip to find out what is so unique about the butterfly.   That is, what is different about butterflies as compared to other animals.

  Your editor wants you to report on your findings, naming 2 unique things about butterflies.  In addition, he wants you to draw a picture of the life cycle of the butterfly.  The TopicQuest page has a link to butterflies to help you on your research.  Try the enchanted learning site to learn something unique about butterflies and to see the life cycle of the butterfly.

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher the enchanted learning website about butterflies to find information to write an article and draw a picture for The Doerun Dearly Reader.

2. Write or describe to your teacher 2 unique characteristics about butterflies that you found on the website.  

3. Draw a picture of the life cycle of the butterfly using the following this website.

4. Give your article and drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

Happy Sun
Teresa's Jump Into Learning Website

Johnny Appleseed

Palm tree and sun

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Sun Smiling

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