Explore The Four Seasons

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Smith's Pre-K Class at Dewar Elementary School
By T.J. Hall, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you ever wonder why the weather is different all year round?  Do you wonder why it snows at Christmas and why it is so hot on the Fourth of July?  The weather changes when we experience a new season. 
The four seasons are Sping, Summer, Winter, and Fall.  Each season has its own characteristics that make it unique.  With help from the websites below, you can learn all there is to know about each of our seasons.

What are the four seasons and why do they happen?  Find out here.
Snowflakes fall in the winter and cover the ground like a white blanket.  Want to make your own snowflake?  You can at this website.
If you want to discover some fun things to do this Fall, check out this website.
Who knew there were so many online games dealing with Fall.  Try out some of these cool games here.
Vote for your favorite color jellybean or send your mom a postcard for Mother's Day.  You can do these things and other activities at this Spring website.
Run out of games to play in the car on your summer vacation?  Check out these games at this Summer activities website.

turkey                                                                    man
During the Fall, many people celebrate Thanksgiving.  During this holiday, family and friends get together and feast on an assortment of foods.
  Pretend you are a chef, and you must prepare a Thanksgiving feast for your family.  What will you cook?  Who will be there?  Good Luck.

Mission Steps
1.  Visit this Thanksgiving website and learn the traditional foods that are served at a Thanksgiving feast.

2.  Draw and color a picture of all the traditional Thanksgiving foods that you will prepare for your meal.

3.  After you are finished, draw all the people that you would invite to have Thanksgiving dinner with you.