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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Tiffany Mia Williams and I am in my third year at Valdosta State University loctaed in Valdosta Georgia. This semester I will be starting my second praticim and I am very excited to be working with first, second, or third graders this spring. My major is Early Childhood Special Education.
I was born in Pontiac, Michigan but I now live 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, Ga in the Stione Mountain/ Lithonia area.It was in Stone Mountain that I met
my best friends Dexter and Whitley and my Boyfriend Jovan. I love to cook and spending time with my family and friends both at home in Stone Mountain and in Valdosta. After the completion of my masters degree in May of 2013 I plan to move home to Dekalb county and hopefully teach Pre-K or Kindergarten. I graduated from Stephenson High School in 2008. It was at Stephenson where I complete a class called Teaching as a Profession where I worked with a third grade class for a semester and fell in love with being a teacher. I have always loved being a teacher and cannot wait to have my own classroom soon.  

As a teacher in training two websites that I feel that I will use frequently are StarFall to teach reading and phonics and Brainpop that helps teach math and science as well as arts and music. These sites are both educational and fun. They will keep the students engaged in learning as well as learning.


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