Ms. Carter's
Language Arts and Math Class
Designed by:  Theresa Carter

                 reading                    teacher                  math                               Reading is a world of imagination.                                            Math is fun with numbers.

Welcome Everyone to the Exciting World of Language Arts and Math!!!!!!!!!!!

I am your Language Arts and Math teacher, Ms. Carter, at
 J.E. Richards Middle School in Gwinnett County.

black knights
I am PROUD that we are a part of the Central Gwinnett Black Knights cluster.  Our middle school is one of the best in the county.  Our school strives for excellence each year.  The school's motto is:  "Accelerating academic achievement for ALL students."

Now a little about me.... I LOVE Math.   Math is exciting and fun and there are so many different ways you can learn it.  I LOVE reading because you can be whatever you want to be when reading.  I also love to play softball.  I play on a co-ed team and an all girls team.  I also praise dance for my church.  I love praise dancing.  If you don't know what that is, ask me and I'll tell you.  I am also part of a Domestic Violence Program called, Circle of Sistas.  We help woman and children in need. 

This year, I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Math.  Mrs. Shepherd-Fuller will teach Science and Social Studies.  Our team name is the Alabama Crimson Tide
.  The HomeworkNow website will give you more information about our class structure, schedules, syllabus, and updated homework information if you are not here.  To find my class, select "Carter Crimson Tides." 

I am ready for a fun school year with everyone.  Please use this website for resources and other information you may need. 

                                          MS. CARTER'S 
*Information will be added for 2009-10 school year
*Information will be added for 2009-10 school year

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         Georgia ONmyLINE


This website allows you to work on reading and math activities based on your level that the teacher has assigned to you.  The student can explore different activities or work on the assigned tasks and tests that the teacher gives.  The grade level range is from early learning to middle school.

Destination for Language Arts and Math

This website is great for you to learn Math.  Everyone learns differently and this website teaches you Math based on the best way you learn.  From playing games to independent study, this website works best for your thinking level.  The teacher can give you activities to work on based on your level or you can explore different activities for things you want to know more about.  It also helps with problem solving and critical thinking questions.

    Renzulli Learning

This website will help you work on your Language Arts and Math skills.  The teacher will assign you activities on your level and what we are working on in class.  You can get extra assistance by logging on to this website.  You will first take a pretest and continue to do the activities based on that lesson.  Each activity has a quiz at the end in which you will receive a grade.  Then at the end, you will take a post test to see if your score increased. 


Funbrain is a fun website to play games to learn.  You can work on Math, Grammar, and Reading by playing games.  You have all kinds of games to choose from.  You can also look at movies and read comics.  Funbrain gives you the control to choose what you want to know more about.  Your teacher cannot even tell you which game to play when you're at home, but she can at when you are at school. 


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