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Designed by: Tyler Cason


     Hi, my name is Tyler Cason and I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently enrolled in the Interrelated Special Education/Early Childhood Education   program through the cohort with South Georgia College.    I plan to graduate from  Valdosta State University with my masters degree in December of 2008.

     I enjoy watching baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.   In my spare time when I am not watching baseball I love to go hunting and fishing with my two dogs Gracie and Gabby.  That is why one of my favorite places to visit on the web is the Weather Channel.  It lets me know what to expect while in the woods or on the lake.  I depend on this site a lot because the weather is apart of our everyday lives.  However, when I am not hunting or watching baseball I love going to Panama City Beach to just kick back and relax.  Since I was always active growing up playing baseball my family and I never really had time to go on a big cruise or anything so we would just load up and go down to Panama City for the weekend.  I really enjoyed it then and still enjoy it now, but can't seem to find very much time because of school.

panama city sun set
Panama City Beach
  "What a beautiful sunset!"  


    The Internet is a great source for teachers today to use in order to find the things they need for a well managed classroom.  One site that I found to be helpful is Scholastic.  It has great ideas to use in the classroom for students of all ages.  It has great ideas that teachers can use plus many other resources that can greatly benefit teachers and their students.  The other site is Teachers Supply.  This site has a wide variety of different classroom supplies that can help teachers in all areas of the classroom.  Whether it is organization or you just plain need more paper space, Teachers Supply has just what you need.  These two sites can be very useful for educators.

Ways I Can Integrate Technology
Topic Mini-Research Web Page
Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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E-Book Lesson Plan
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