Learning in a Storm

This Topic Quest was designed for Ms. S. Smith's Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School
By Tonyour Alexander, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


             As teachers, it is our responsibility to find different ways to make sure your learning experience is challenging and  well organized. We have a lot of technology and software to help teachers and even yourself with a wonderful learning experience. Do you know that the weather does not decide what type of day  we are going to have? Let's do some research to find out what helps or makes the rain, snow, sun and etc. come to visit us on any given day.

Environmental Issues for Kids


This site will give you a lot of interesting and important details about Acid Rain.
 How many people do you know that knew there was a such thing as Acid Rain?
Find out how acid rain is formed and what we can do to prevent acid rain.


 Click on the picture and browse through this site and learn all about the way snow can fall in different shapes. Find out more about the texture of snow. Or do you already know that snow can sometimes be hard or soft maybe both at the same time. Find out how you make make snow.
Click on the picture and explore this  site for kids your age you can go in and explore to find out more about tornadoes. What causes tornadoes and how we can stay safe during a tornado.
Let's Learn all about Hail. This web site has some very hard  and in depth information about hail.

What is an earthquake?  How are earthquakes formed?
You will have to browse this site to find out more about earthquakes.
Hurricanes are very strong storms. Have you ever heard of a  hurricane?
No, not the Miami Hurricanes Football Team.
Learn all about the different seasons. Do you know why we have these seasons every year? Do you think we need to have these seasons?
Lightning! Have you ever heard of lightning? What can lightning do to you and your friends? Lightning is very dangerous. So, you really do need to read up on this dangerous type of weather.
How strong is a flood? Do you know why we have floods? Well let's find out and see, click on the picture to your left.
Would you like to find out more about the weather. If so, just click on the picture and you will find out all you need to know.


Pretend that you are the weather caster for your city. You just received  warning that a bad storm is heading to your city. Since you are the weather person for your city and you have to broadcast the storm to everybody in your area. How would you advice the citizens in your community that a storm is coming? How would you help them to stay safe in the storm? What kind of safety rules could you give to the citizens? You will need to draw a picture of a particular weather, then you will need to write  safety rules for the people.

                        Mission Instructions
1. If you would like to explore :snow
acid rain,
hail, flood, lightning, hurricane, weather, or earthquake
You will need to click on this site
to find out more about snow and how to stay safe from a snow storm.

2.  Draw a picture of the type of weather you chose.

3. Write the name of the weather under the picture.

4.Then write one or more safety tips for the weather you chose.

5. Once you have done your picture and safety rule turn it in to me so that I can put it on a  web page. You will be able to share it with your classmates, friends and family.



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