Bunny Bungalow
Author Cynthia Rylant
 Page Designed by Tonyour Alexander


This story is about a family that found a bungalow. A bungalow is a small little house. This bungalow   would be perfect for a bunny home. They painted this home as green as grass, and they did it all by themselves. Everyone in the family had a part to do in decorating their home. The father carved  a weather vane  that was made out of a carrot. The vane will twirl  and whirl around in wind, rain and snow. Mother knitted beautiful bunny quilts for her baby bunnies beds. She also stitched a few white pillows for their heads. In the parlor was a wooden rocking chair which was used for the bunny naps and a large soft couch for poetry read in bunny laps.

The little bunnies bathed with daisy soap in silver bunny tubs. As soon as they step out of the tub  mother bunny would wrap and rub them in fluffy towels. They played with bunny baby dolls all dressed in lacy clothes. They picked cherries off a tree and squished them with their toes.  The bunnies would play and have so much fun with each other. The bunnies are just like humans when they get tired they need proper rest. By the bunnies still being so excited about all the fun they had playing in the yard. At night the bunnies would need a little help getting to sleep. So they drank tea to give them sleepy heads. Before sending them to bed father would read them stories.

 For the first time the little bunnies would get the chance to sleep under their quilts. Rest their sleepy heads on their new pillows. All warm and comfortable in their bungalow. The bunny family slept tight, still and sound. When they wake up in the early morning  they can hear the carrot going round and round.  They would go out to smell and enjoy the fresh breeze. The bunnies need air just like we do. The bunnies were very happy about finding a bungalow.The bunnies found a bungalow, which they turned into a perfect home. They lived there still, and they always will.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. How would you feel if you got a new home like the bunnies in the story?

2. How would you decorate your new home?

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