Halloween... More Than Just Ghosts and Witches

This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Joy's class at Valdosta Community Child Care Center by Tracie Wrye, a Valdosta State University Perservice Teacher.


Everyone looks forward to the time of the year when all of the children dress up like their favorite scary monster and go out to play.  But, has anyone ever thought why we do the things we do on Halloween?  Why or what the story id behind this elaborate holiday?  It's more than trick or treating, more than candy and games, more than dressing up. There's a history and a hidden truth. Why? No one wants to know. There are myths and scary stories about how Halloween started. Many believe that witches and goblins come out on Halloween. Others believe that ghosts rise from their grave to taunt the living. What's the truth? Why the Jack-O- Lanterns? Why do we decorate our homes with these carved pumpkins and spider webs?  What's the real reason for All Hallows Eve? Find out the answers to these questions and more...


History and Customs Of Halloween  Ever wonder what Halloween really means?  Everyone wonders at some point in time how Halloween came about, go here to learn a little about the history of Halloween.
Being Safe On Halloween Want to tell your parents some safety tips for Halloween?  Parents worry about their ghoul dressed children on Halloween, click on this link to learn about some safety tips for you and your parents.
Scary Stories and more We all know that Halloween is nothing without a good ghost story. Click on these two sites to read some stories, can you tell which ones are real and which are not?
Fun Halloween Games Do you like to play games on Halloween?  Here are some fun games you can play to get you into the mood for Halloween.
Costumes   How about those costumes, you cant go Trick-or-Treating without a costume now can you?  Here are some ideas that you,  mom and dad do for a cool costume.
Halloween Superstitions  Ever wonder what is up with all those stories of black cats?  What about witches and ghosts? Click here are some facts about the superstitions such ghosts, black cats, etc.
Halloween Encyclopedia Wow they actually have an encyclopedia dedicated to Halloween.  Read here to find some interesting facts about Halloween.  What is "Halloween" called in Mexico?
Billy Bears Games Halloween would not be as fun without those games would it now? Here are some more fun games you can play about Halloween.
Jack-O-Lantern  Ever wonder where we got the Jack-O-Lanterns?  Well click here to find out where the first one came about and what they were used for.
Color Halloween  Here are some really cool coloring pages you can color for Halloween.  Remember to hang them on the refrigerator for mom and dad to see.
Fun Halloween Crafts  We always seem to have to most fun with crafts on Halloween.  Here are some crafts that are easy and fun to do at home with everyone. What are some crafts that you like to do on Halloween?
Encyclopedia.com   Where did Halloween start?  Look here to see if you can tell me what country Halloween started in.


Scenario Mission
Pumpkins In Time
You have been chosen to travel backwards in time in a time capsule to find the true meaning of Halloween.  Your classmates are not sure what Halloween is all about, so make sure that you collect a lot of information about Halloween so that you can explain to your class what Halloween is. You must make a list of the things that people did on Halloween long ago. You can go to the History and Customs Of Halloween or the Halloween Superstitions sites to learn more about early Halloween.   
There is one catch to your journey, you have to bring back a real Jack-O-Lantern to show the class.  Draw a picture of what you think a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern would have looked like when Halloween first came about.

Mission Steps
1. Look through the web sites above to find out more about Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns. 
2. Draw a picture of a Jack-O-Lantern with the provided crayons or paint.
3. Make a list of  list of  things that were done on Halloween many years ago.


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