Where The Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak

Paint Picture and Story Designed by Tracie Wrye


    This story is about a little boy named Max.  Max wears a wolf  suit and makes mischief of all kinds.  His mother calls him "Wild Thing" and Max says "I'll Eat You Up!" and is sent to his room without anything to eat.  That night a forest grew in Max's room.  Vines hung from the ceiling and the walls became the world all around.  Nearby there was an ocean and a private boat for Max and he sailed far away to the land of the wild things.

    When Max cam to where teh wild things were and they growled and gnashed their teeth and rolled their horrible eyes.  Max yelled "BE STILL!" and tamed the wild things with a magic trick and they were frightened and called him the most wild thing of all.  The wild things made Max their king and they started a rumpus.  The wild things danced and yelled and screamed all night. 
Max stopped the rumpus and sent the wild things off to bed without supper.  Max was lonely and wanted to be where soemone loved him.   Max smelled good things to eat all around him and gave up being king of the wild things. 

    The wild things did not want Max to go and threatened to eat him up if he left.  Max said NO! and sailed away back to his room.  Max found his supper waiting in his very own room from which he had sailed away.  And it was still hot.



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