A Day of Thanks

This page was designed for Mrs. Bryan's Pre-K class at the Daffodil Center by Trenton Bennett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

1.  Find out what you always wanted to know about Thanksgiving.  See the history, types of food served, and how we celebrate this holiday.

2.  Click on coloring pages to visit this website.  Color a page about Pilgrims or turkeys.

3.  What was life like for the Pilgrims who came to America?  Learn about their clothes, food, houses, learning, chores, and games.

4.  Who were the Pilgrims?  What was life like for those aboard the Mayflower? What events led to the first Thanksgiving. All this and more can be found at this site.

5. Macy's 75th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade will take place on November 22nd, 2001.  Check out the latest information on the parade's history and balloons in the parade.

6.  Do you love poetry, singing, and reading?  This site offers a complete listing of Thanksgiving poems, songs, and stories

7.  Have fun creating your own Thanksgiving story.  It's as simple as filling in the blanks provided with your  information.

8.  This site has a collection of prayers, songs, and poems for adults and children.  Which will you choose to show your thanks?

9.  Let children have fun in the kitchen.  This site offers some fun and creative Thanksgiving recipes that are easy enough for them.

10.  If you are looking for some fun Thanksgiving games and puzzles, then this is the site.  A variety of activities to suit your interests.

A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim
Scenario Activity

Take a trip back in time to the year 1621 when the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower.  Draw a picture showing yourself dressed in Pilgrim clothing.  Also, draw a picture of how your house looks and a picture of how their houses looked.

For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan.



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