Say It!
by Charlotte Zolotow
illustrated by James Stevenson

This book begins on an autumn day with a little girl and her mother walking down a road.  The little girl runs ahead of her mother and comes back asking her mother to "Say it."  The mother says things about the day, a cat, and calls the wind magic.  The girl keeps saying "No" to everything her mother says.

On the road, the girl and her mother walk past a pond, a brook, and come to their own road through the meadow.  The girl runs up to her mother again and screamed "Say it."  The mother says "I love you" and the girl dances and is so happy.

Pretend that you are the little girl in this story.  Tell how you think the book would have ended if the girl's mother had not said "I love you".

Draw a picture of the girl that shows her feelings after her mother said "I love you!"
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