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    My name is Tamia Ellwood I am a currently a return student to Valdosta State University  at the Early Childhood and Special Education Department, seeking a degree in Early Childhood Education. I graduated from Charlton  County High in 1996 and went straight to VSU unsure about my major. After tutoring in a local school I became determined to become a teacher. I loved to see the spark in a child's eye when they discover something new or hear a five year old asking why. Children truly are like sponges just waiting to absorb all that you can teach them. I want to be the one to impact their lives positively and be able to say that I made a difference. In 1999 I made a life changing choice when I choose to put my education on hold because I was having many exciting but confusing things going on in my family.

    Let me tell you a little about my family.  There are have been four life changing  events in my life that I would like to tell you about. The first event occured on June 27, 1998 when I married my high school sweetheart Joshua Ellwood. Josh has become my main support, inspiration and hero. He is a police officer with the Valdosta Police Department, a volunter firefighter at Bemiss Barretts fire station and plays bag pipes under Brian Doak with the Valdosta Pipe and Drum core. This marriage soon lead to the second life changing event in my life On Sept. 27, 1999 I had my first son Gabriel Taylor Ellwood and had to put my education on hold to be a mom. While staying at home I decided to pursue a certificate in Childcare and spent three years working at local daycare with ages 1 week to three years. Gabriel is now nine year old and he loves the game Bookworm.

  Gabriel Ellwood August 2008
Gabriel Ellwood 8/06/2008
    On Sept. 29 2005 the third life changing event occured in my life when  I gave birth to my second son Michael Allen Ellwood and decided to stay at home and keep children in my home. I loved watching that spark in my own child's eyes. When he turned one I re-entered the work force as a medical receptionist still longing to be able to afford to return to school and longing to teach.  Michael is 3 and loves to read and play games. He is my rought and tought child, who loves for me to read to him. One site that he loves is Dr. Seuss.

                                                                                         Michael Ellwood December 2008
Michael Ellwood 10/28/2008
     Finally,  my most recent and  tear jerking  event occured in August of 2007 when I became pregnant and was placed on bed rest for three months. After a difficult pregnancy, I gave birth on May 21, 2008 to my precious baby girl Mary Grace Elizabeth Ellwood. She is my pride and joy. She is now eight months and loves the bright colors and music of  Disney . She especially loves to watch the Care Bear movies. She was also eye opener. I realized that we would never be completely financially stable and with great discussion between me and my husband I decided to take the plunge back into college. With great support from my husband,  I am now back at college after a 10 year break and loving it. I am so trilled to be into my major and getting closer every day to the joy of having my own class and enriching those young minds.

                                                                                        Mary Grace Elizabeth  Ellwood Sept. 2008
Mary Grace Elizabeth Ellwood 10/30/2008

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    I am discovering that the road ahead of me maybe getting shorter but, it is getting more difficult. I find that I myself don't get much time to myself so to wind down I listening to KLOVE. I am certain that all of the hard work will pay off in almost two years when I stand in front of my own classroom for the first time.I will them see the spark in every child's eyes and know that it came from me. I can only see this spark if I show every child that I care about their future and want to make a difference in their life.   As a teacher, I will look forward to sparking the children's imagination with every lesson. I plan to read to them as often as possible and encourage them to read. I have found that I can get some great book ideas from Teacher's First. I believe that the poster below states what a teachers goal should be for every student.

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