The True Story of The Three Little Pigs
by A. Wolf
as told to Jon S
Picture & Page developed by Thomas Bruce Hilliard

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    Just about everybody has heard or read the story about the three little pigs.  But, most people don't know what really happened.  In this story, Alexander T. Wolf finally gets to tell his side of the story.  Turns out, Alex wasn't such a big, bad wolf after all.  Alex got a bad rap from the start beings he, and most wolves, are meat eaters.  They live off of animals such as rabbits, and sheep, and ... pigs.
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    Well, on this eventful day, Mr. Wolf sets out to find a cup of sugar.  He was baking a cake for his "dear old granny" and when it came time to add the sugar, his sugar bowl was bare.  Hence, his encounters with the pig trio.  He heads down the street and gets to the first house.  It was the first pig's house and it's made of straw.  Unfortunately for Mr. Pig, Alex has a cold coming on and he sneezes.  When he does, Mr. Pigs straw house falls in and kills him.  Instead of letting a perfectly good pig spoil, Mr. Wolf decides to eat him.

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    Mr. Wolf then heads on down the street, still in search of some sugar.  He gets to another house that turns out to be Mr. Pig's brother.  Once again, another sneeze comes on and Alex T. Wolf once again sneezes down Pig's house, this one made of sticks accidentally kills another pig.  And once again, he decides to eat him rather than let him spoil.  Wolf is getting pretty full now, but he still hasn't gotten the sugar for his granny's cake.  He gets to the next house and it's Mr. Pig number three, the first two's obviously smarter brother.  He's built his house out of brick.

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    The third brother pig seems to be a bit of a jerk.  He was rude and made a unkind remark about Mr. Wolf's granny.  Alex goes berserk and Mr. Pig calls the police.  When they arrive, Mr. Wolf is huffing and puffing and making a scene.  The police find out about the other pigs, and so do the reporters.  A sick wolf
hunting sugar doesn't make for a good story, so they embellish the report a bit and turn Mr. Wolf into Big, Bad Wolf.  In Mr. Wolf's words ... he "was framed."

Critical Thinking Questions         fish swimming

~Was Alex T. Wolf right in eating Mr. Pig number one and Mr. Pig number two?  If you were Mr. Wolf, what would you have done?

~What do you think is the best material to use in building a house...
straw, sticks, or bricks?  Why?

~How did Mr. Pig number three act?  Should he have acted that way?  How should he have acted?

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