Picture Story: No, David !

Title: No, David!
Written and Illustrated by: David Shannon
This picture redesigned by: Lamar Williams

        This book was orginally written by David Shannon when he was a little boy. The only words in his original book were "No, David" because they were the only words he knew how to spell. His mother sent him the book when he was an adult and he thought it would be fun to do a remake of all the things that he was not suppossed to do as a kid.

    The book starts off with "Davids mom always said, No, David." This line really spoke to me because my mom was always saying "NO, Lamar." The book continues on with David doing all sorts of things little boys are not suppossed to do but do anyway. He goes from taking cookies from the cookie jar, to tramping mud on the carpet, to overflowing the tub, even to running down the street naked. Then of course, the book goes into him banging pots and making noise, to playing with his food. Finally David is sent to his room in the middle of his favorite cartoon. He continues to misbehave in his room and is even made to put all his toys away. Finally David does something really bad, he plays baseball in the house and breaks a vase for which he gets sent to the corner. Then his mom does something sweet. She calls David over to her, gives him a hug and says, "Yes, David...I love You! This shows that no matter how a kid acts up and no matter how much he misbehaves, at the end of the day his mom will still love him.

Critical Thinking

    What are some things you have done that you mom told NO when you did them?

    Why do you think she told you NO and not to do those things?


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