A Fun Trip to the Farm
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was devleoped for
Mrs. Holbrook's Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School
Designed by Tabitha Cady, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

A cow, pig, and two chicks on the farm

What kind of animals live on a farm? 
Come take a trip to visit the Kids Farm to learn what kind of animals live on a farm.

Have you ever visited a farm?
Join Farmer Joe at KBears Farm and learn how a farm is set up. The farm is full of many animals, vegetables, and machinery. To learn more about anything on the farm, just click the object.

moo cow
Do you know what kind of noises all the animals make?
Come listen to the noises that the animals make on the farm. There is also a book that is avaliable to read and choose the correct noise for each animal.

baby chick
Can you name a bird that lives on a farm and cannot fly?
Let's attend Zoom School to find out which bird cannot fly. Can you find out all the different names that this bird can be called?

chicks 123
Have extra time:
Use your math skills to play a game counting baby chicks.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

You are a farmer on a popular animal farm. A group of students are scheduled to visit your farm today and will arrive shortly, but you have a major problem. Several of the animals on the farm have escaped from their pen creating a mixture of animals scattered across the farm. Before the students arrive on your farm, you must find all the animals and put them in their pen. Look at Kbears farm and draw a picture of the farm with several pens and group the animals in their correctly labeled pen. After drawing your picture, write a sentence explaining why you grouped the animals the way you did.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step One: Visit Kids Farm to look at all the animals that live on a farm and choose which animals you want on your farm.

Step Two: You will visit Kbears Farm to see how his farm is set up.

Step Three: I will give you one piece of white paper so you can draw your farm.

Step Four: Next, you will write a sentence that explains why you grouped the animals the way you did.

Step Five: After you finish drawing your farm, give your finished work to the teacher so it can be published on the Internet.

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