Working Toward A Purrfect Education
Designed by: Tabitha Cady 

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Hello! My name is Tabitha Cady and I am twenty years old. Before I moved to Valdosta, I lived in Waycross, Georgia. I recently transferred from Waycross College, where I earned an Associates of Science degree in Teacher Education. I am currently attending Valdosta State University, where I am a junior. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education through the Early Childhood and Special Education Department. I love working with children and watching them learn. I am looking forward to becoming a positive influence to the students both inside and outside the classroom.


During my spare time I love to cook, travel, and create several different crafts. I enjoy cooking different types of food and trying new recipes with my family. I also enjoy baking cakes and attempting to make decorative cakes. To this day I have made a duck cake, a hamburger cake, and a bunny cake. Traveling is a passion that is true to my heart, especially exploring new places. In 2003, I was able to visit New York City. While visiting New York we visited The Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, and Broadway. On Broadway I was introduced to The Phantom of the Opera, which I am now obsessed with. In 2005, I traveled to Key West, Florida. Key West is a fabulous place that is surrounded by gorgeous water and historical buildings. It is the southernmost point of the United States and hosts many different attractions such as kayaking, snorkeling, and museums.

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There are several websites that provide resources that assist teachers. The first one I found was Kaboose, it features a lot of activities, crafts, and recipes that can be incorporated into many lessons. Another great website I found was PBS. This website supplies teachers with lesson plans that correspond with the appropriate grade level and subject. It also contains many links within the website that allow the teacher to receive free resources such as lesson plans, activities, and videos.

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Student  Resources
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Ways I can Integrate Technology
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LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research Website
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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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E-Book Lesson Website
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E-Book Lesson Plan
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Classroom Website for Student Teaching
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Educational Activities Website for Student Teaching

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