This page is designed for Ms. Henley's Pre-Kindergarten Class
at Hallmark Heights By Shanna Henderson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


1. Meet BAC, the harmful bacteria. Get to know him and his evil was of making the things around you unsafe.

2. Learn why it is important to always wash your hands. Click on this link also to learn the proper way to wash your hands.


3. As you are washing the yucky bacteria off of your hands, sing the "Germs On The Run" song while you are washing your hands.

4. If you like word puzzles and other fun activities, check out the FDA's Kids Home Page.

5. Learn the four ways to defeat BAC.
6. Read the story Splash to learn why it is important to wash your hands even though you can't see the dirt.

7. Learn the proper way of cleaning your house to make it bacteria free. This site gives  before and after tips on cleaning when you prepare, cook, and serve food.

8. Click on this link and meet Thermy the Thermometer. Thermy wants to make sure that the meat that you eat is cooked properly.


9. Refrigerating foods help in the process of cutting down bacteria. Read the important facts on refrigerating fodds.

10. Bacteria can not only be found in food or in the kitchen, but also it can also be found in your mouth as well. Take a trip with Dr. Rabbit to put an end to plaque and other bacteria.

Dr. Rabbit




Imagine that you have been given an assigment to invent a soap that tastes good and kills bacteria better than any other soap

Write a description, including ingredients of your new soap and its flavor. Draw a picture of your soap and at the bottom of the picture tell how it can be used to kill bacteria.

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