written by:

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

    This story is about a young girl that lives in the inner city that is faced with excessive littering, homelessness, graffiti, and a alley that she is forbidden to ever stop in. Her mother tells her that everyone should have something beautiful. She then asks herself , where is my something beautiful?  She then goes on a journey to search for something beautiful. At school, she is taught the meaning of beautiful. At Miss Delphine's Diner, she learns that there is nothing beautiful like fried fish sandwiches.
    When she returns outside, she asks her friends if they have something beautiful. Sybil tells her that she has a jump rope, Rebecca tells her that she has beads, and Jamal tells her to check out his shoes. She continues her search by asking the fruit store owner, the children in the playground, old Mr. Sims, and her aunt Carolyn.
    At the end of the story, she sits on her stoop where the word Die is written on her door. She goes and gets some water, a broom, and a sponge, and cleans up her stoop and scrubs the word Die off the door. When her mother comes home from work, she asks her, does she have something beautiful? Her mother says to her, " I have you".

Critical Thinking Questions?
1. Describe the beautiful things around you?
2. What would you do to stop graffiti, homelessness, and littering?

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