Searching for Symbols
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Morris's Kindergarten Class at Berrein Primary School. 
Designed by Stephanie M. Brown, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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Did you know that the flag has been changed many times since 1777?  If  you want to see how much the flag has changed over the years, click here .                          
Did you know that the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States?  If you want to learn more about this important bird, click here.
Have you ever heard of the Statue of Liberty?  Do you know what she stands for?  If you want to learn this and more, click here.
Who lives in the White House?  Where is the White House located?  Find out this and more by clicking here.

Did you know that America has a national song or anthem?  Have you ever heard the song?  If you haven't , here's your chance.  Click here.

I bet you are so interested in US symbols that you want to know more.  Well, I have a great place to look. This online encyclopedia will be a great guide.

Mission Activity
We have learned about many symbols of the United States.  We discussed what the American flag stands for and what symbols are on the  flag.  Your task is to pretend that you are a flag maker hired to make a flag that acts as a symbol for you.  Your flag can have no more than three symbols.  The symbols will show things you are either interested in or traits you possess.  What will your flag look like? What colors will it be?  What symbols will be on the flag? 

Mission Activity Steps

1.  In our lesson, we discussed the different symbols of the United States.  Now it is your turn to make a symbol that represents you.
2.  Click on the American Flag Website and refresh your memory on the symbols that are on the flag and what they stand for. 
3.  Use your imagination to decide what your flag will look like?
4. Draw a picture of what you would like your flag to look like. 
5.  Explain to me why you used the symbols on the flag.
6.  Make the picture nice looking because it will be placed on the Internet for your friends and family to view. 


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