Winter Dream
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Shannon Sorensen

my picture of a snowman

DeShawn was going to be five years old this year, his birthday is in December and every year his birthday wish was the same.

 “Mama” he would say, “I want snow for my birthday.”  Every year the answer was the same,

“DeShawn, baby, you know it doesn’t snow here, it’s just not cold enough.”  You see, DeShawn lived in South Georgia where it doesn’t get very cold, even in the middle of winter. 

But, DeShawn kept wishing, he had seen snow on movies and read about it in books.  It looked so fun.  For the two weeks before his birthday all DeShawn could think about was . . .  Snowmen . . . Snow forts . . . Snowball fights . . . letting snowflakes fall on his tongue.  Now it is two days before his birthday and still no signs of snow.             

DeShawn sighed, “Maybe it’s time for a new birthday wish.”  Just as he was trying to think of something he would rather have for his birthday his mom came in the room and said,

“DeShawn, I’ve got an early birthday surprise for you in the car, get your jacket and we’ll go see what it is.”  DeShawn knew that snow couldn’t be in the car so he walked slowly trying to figure out what it could be. 

“Hurry up DeShawn” his mama called to him.  In the car was a wrapped, blue box with a big red bow on top. 

“Go ahead and get your seat belt on so you can open your present while we drive.”  After he got his seatbelt on DeShawn started to rip open the package.  Inside the box he found a pair of bright blue gloves and boots with matching scarf and hat.  What could this mean, it had to be snow; but how?

“What do you think DeShawn?  Will they fit?  Do you think they will be good for the snow?”  his mama asked.  “The Snow?  Where?  When?  Are we going to the snow now?”

“Yes DeShawn, we are driving up to the mountains in Clayton to spend the day playing in the snow for your birthday.”  DeShawn couldn’t believe his birthday dream was finally going to come true.  He would finally get to see snow for himself!

Critical Thinking Questions
 to ask students that would change your story into their story:

1.How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2. Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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