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       Welcome! My name is Stephanie Howard and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am an Early Childhood Education major, so I am part of the Department of Education and Special Education. I am from Albany, Georgia and graduated from Westover High School. Albany is about an hour and a half Northwest of Valdosta. It is close enough that I can go home if I want or need to, but far enough to be free! I have been impacted by so many teachers in my life that I decided I wanted to be a teacher! It is going to be a new and challenging experience, but I could not be more excited.

     I am a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. In high school I played a lot of sports and that is one thing the sorority has allowed me to keep doing. We play all kinds of sports from soccer to volleyball. Another benefit is our community service involvement. We have four national philanthropies and do a lot with the community here in Lowndes County. My favorite philanthropy has to be the Girl Scouts of America because it invloles working with young girls. Since I plan to work with children in the future I really enjoy all the activities we do with them!

    Technology is becoming more integrated in schools each year. I have found a few websites that are school appropriate and teacher friendly. One is called TeacherTube. It is a lot like YouTube but more children and learning friendly. Another fun website is Scholastic. This website gives examples of fun lesson plan activities. Since starting the Teacher Education program, I have found that there are a lot resources available to teachers. Teaching is an art and inspiration can come from anwhere! Sharing ideas and lessons with others is always fun and rewarding. After all, teaching is partly helping others so it is always rewarding!


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