Everything Spring!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Holbrook's Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School
By: Stacy Crook, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Hey Boys and Girls! We are going to go on an adventure through Spring! We are going start off having fun by playing a game with a bear where we help him capture as many frogs as we can.  We usually see a lot of frogs during the spring time because there is usually a lot of rain during the spring time.  We are also going to read a story about a flower called a Tulip, look at the life cycle of a butterfly, and look at a list that will help us to help the environment.  Not only that, but we're also going to take a trip with an acorn named Pierre to an Oak tree!  Finally, our trip will teach us what spring is all about.  Put on your thinking hats - It's time for Everything Spring!


1)  Billy Bear likes to play near the pond to Catch the Frogs.  Catch as many frogs as you can in one minute, the winner gets a prize. 
When you are done, let the frogs go! Mother Bear doesn't like when you bring the frogs into the house.

2) What do you think the most popular spring flower is? It is actually the Tulip.  When you buy Tulips, instead of buying seeds
you buy bulbs.  They look like large roots.  The bulbs must go through a cold period before they are planted.  Unlike most flowers,
Tulips don't need much water.  Find out about the magic of Tulips in the link above.

3) Did you notice that in the spring time that there are a lot more Butterflies fluttering about?! We're going to look at this handout about the life cycle of a butterfly.. When you're at home, how many butterflies do you get to see?


4) Do you know how terrific trees are? We use them everyday, in ways we sometimes overlook.  We are going to go on a trip with Pierre.  An acorn who will tell us everything we will need to know about his native tree, the Oak Tree.  He will tell us the many things a tree can be, from a home to food, trees have many uses.  Join Pierre through his journey through the trees. 


5)  Spring is a good time to think about our planet.  Things are starting to regrow and start fresh, and we should too.  Do you know what it meansto recycle? Do you or your family members recycle or reuse materials as to not waste them? There are many things that we can do to help ourwonderful planet.  It all starts with you! Here is a list of things that we can do by ourselves and with our families to help save the planet.


6) Spring is the time of year when things grow! After the sun melts away the snow from the cold winter, the temperature warms up.  This warm weather is a great thing for plants, animals, and people.  It gives nature time to grow.  This site shows us why things grow, at the time they do, where we live.

"Tour Guides Needed"
oday, we are going to welcome our friends from the large, cold continent of Antarctica.  You see boys and girls, they don't get to experience Spring the way that you and I do.  Since you did such an amazing job learning about Spring, I'm going to let you lead them on a story-telling tour.  Just for today... you're going to be Spring Tour Guides! How Exciting!
Our friends from Antarctica are so curious to know about Spring, and I want them to know everything that you know.  I want you write down exactly what you want them to know about Spring and draw a picture telling what you think.  They probably don't know much about butterflies so you can go back to this website and tell them how many stages are in a butterflies life cycle.

1) You will be named Tour Guides for the day!
2) Go back to this link and write down one sentence about what you want them to know about Spring.  (Teacher can help explain the website)
3) You will also write one sentence about something that Pierre told you.
4) Finally, you will write about how many stages there are in butterflies life cycle.
5) You are now free to draw anything "Spring" and label your drawing.
  6) You will take home activity pack for parents/guardians to view Spring experience. (Need not be returned as homework)

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