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This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Goodman's Kindergarten Class at Parker Mathis Elementary School
Designed By Sharhonda Welch, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

abc train

alphabet block
What letter comes after the letter "G"?
This Learning Planet activity will help you learn how to put the alphabet in the correct order.

What kind of words does Cookie Monster like to eat?
The Sesame Street website will help you recognize which letter of the alphabet is the first letter in a word.

letter a
What does the letter "a" sound like?
This Starfall activity helps you to recognize upper and lower case letters and helps you to know the sound they make when you say them.

alphabet on a train
Do you know what sound the letter "f" makes?
Play the ABC game on the Primary Grades Website to practice
matching letters to the sounds they make.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
cookie monster
Now that you have practiced matching words to the letter they begin with, its time to put your skills to good use.  Pretend that you are a guest on the television show "Sesame Street".  You have been invited to feed  the hungry  Cookie Monster.  Cookie Monster only eats words that are grouped according to the first letter.  For example, Cookie Monster would eat the words, cat and car because they are grouped together by the first letter in both words, which is the letter "c".  If Cookie Monster is not fed the correct words, he will eat everything in sight.  To complete this dangerous mission, revisit the Sesame Website to practice  recognizing and sounding out the beginning sounds of words.

Good Luck !

Steps For Real-World Activity

1. Go to the Sesame Street website to practice recognizing and sounding out the beginning sounds of words.
2. Group magazine pictures that have already been cut out for you by the first letter of the word.
3. Glue these pictures grouped together on the paper plate provided to you. For example, words that begin with letter "c" will be glued in one section and words that begin with letter " m" will be glued in another section of the plate.
4. After all pictures have been grouped and glued onto the paper plate, you will label each group with the upper and lowercase letter that begins each word in that group. For example, cat, car, and candy will be labeled by Cc.
5.If you have correctly grouped your pictures and written the labels in your best handwriting,then you have prepared  a plate of words that will fill Cookie Monster's belly and save everything on Sesame Street from being eaten.

Topic Literature Activity
Alphabet Adventure
Audrey Wood

alphabetadventure book cover

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking

A. letter block Check out the Learning Planet website to practice putting the alphabet in order.

B. Critical Thinking Skills
1. What words start with the letter "k"?
2. If you could be any letter in the alphabet, which one would you be? Why?


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