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Hello, my name is Sharhonda Welch and I am from Jesup, Georgia.  I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University.  My major is Early Childhood Education.  My expected graduation date is May 2008.  When I obtain my degree, I plan to teach and continue my education by obtaining a Master's degree.


I was raised in Jesup, Georgia and graduated from Wayne County High School on May 2004.  My favorite place to visit, St. Simons Island, is located 35 miles from my hometown.  I have not done much traveling but hope to do more in the future.


My interests include reading and listening to all types of music.  Since I read so much I became a member of a book club called Black Expressions.  Being a music lover, I enjoy listening to music for free on Clearchannel.


One of my favorite websites to visit is Education Week. It informs me of current issues occuring in educaton. Another excellent site is Georgia Department of Education.  This website is a very informative website for any employee in a school system.

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