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This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
 for Mrs. Becky's Pre-K Class at Cook County Elementary School designed by Stefani Martinez, a Valdosta State University Pre service Teacher.


What are all the different kinds of Transportation?
Do you know how to be safe when you are using transportation?
Learn about transportation safety with
Elmer the Elephant!

What are some good safety tips to know? 
Why do we need to practice good public safety when we are using transportation?
Public Transportation Safety for Kids

What types of transportation have you traveled in?
Check out what all of the different types of transportation look like and do at
Transportation Wonderland!

Transportation Wonderland
 Okay Kids...Strap on your seatbelt we are going for a ride through town!  Today, we are licensed drivers and we are going to be driving all types of transportation!  Everyone is going to pick to drive thier favorite type of transporation!  We also need to be sure to use extra safety and care while operating these vehicles!  It is very important to pay close attention to what each type of transportation does so that we use them in the right way!
1) Today we will be pretending that we are driving trough town in the type of transportation that each of you has picked out.
2) You will go to the first link (above) and describe the different types of transportation that you saw.  There are many  different types of transportation but the ones you viewed are the most common.
3) Next, you will go to the two transportation safety sites.  Safety is VERY important when you are operating the different types of transportation.
4) The last website you will look at will teach you what exactly all of the different types of transportation do. For example Boat's travel on water and are for leisure and importing/exporting materials.
5)After visiting the websites review the types of transportation we discovered while looking on the Internet and explain where each type of transportation goes and what it does.
6)Now pick out your favorite type of transportation and pretend to drive it.
After driving for awhile wind down and get ready to draw.  Review some things with your teacher that you may want to include in your picture.
7) Now draw and label the type of transportation that you picked as your favorite.

Topic Literature Lesson:
The Wheels on the Bus
by Paul Zelinsky

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If you were driving the bus where would you drop off each passenger and why?
2.  If you could be a main character in the story which one would you be and why?

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