"Out of this World"
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Rooks' Fourth Grade Class at JT Reddick Elementary School
Designed by Savannah Johnson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher
solar system

Which planet has more moons than any other in our solar system? Visit the website to find out the answer to that question and find out more about this planet.

space shuttle
How much does a spacecraft have to slow down before entering Mars' atmosphere? This website will tell you many cool, extreme facts about the planet Mars.
solar system
Have you ever wondered how the solar system formed? I know I have! This site tells you just how it happened.
space travel
Do you like to travel? If you visit this website, you can go on a journey through space to learn about each and every planet.

Mini-Research Real World Activity:
Colonizing a New World

     Now that you've learned all about the nine planets, NASA needs your help. The population on earth has grown too large to be contained on one planet and NASA is going to start colonizing a new one. They need you to research and decide which planet would be best for this new colony.

      NASA has chartered you a private shuttle to travel from planet to planet while you're on the mission gathering data. They have also provided a journal for you to write down and draw pictures of your findings. Good luck and remember to get plenty of information since the survival of mankind could depend on you!

Steps for a Successful Mission:

1.   Use this website to take your journey and investigate the various features of the planets. Find about their gravity, temperatures, what they're made up of, and which have the most breathable gases. 

2.   When you've narrowed down the possibilities of places that could possible be settled, start using the notebook provided by NASA. List earth like characteristics that the planets have and draw pictures of the different things that you see. For example, did you see mountains  or water on the planets?

3.   Once you think you've gotten enough information, come back to earth so that you can sort through everything and let NASA know which of the other eight planets would be best for a colony.

4.   Finally,  write down and draw pictures of what makes that particular planet best for the people of earth.

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
By Joanna Cole

magic school bus

Topic Literature Activity
solar system
A. The solar  system  is  made up  of  lots  of  different  things, not  just  planets.  Ms. Frizzle's students found that out in the "Magic School  
     Bus Lost in the Solar System". Go to the following website if you want to find out what's in the solar system besides the planets.

B. Use these questions to check your understanding.

1. What are the areas that are cooler than the rest of the sun?

2. Is there life on Mars?

3. What were spinning around the bus and breaking glass?

Why couldn't the bus land on some of the planets?

C.  Critical Thinking Questions:

1. What advances in technology do you think will make it possible to live somewhere in the solar system other than Earth?

2. If you ever got to explore the solar system in real life, where would you go and what would you do?

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