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The world is surrounded in Geometry!

I am so excited to have you all with me this year in Geometry! I am a Geometry teacher at Murray County High School in beautiful Chatsworth, GA! In addition to teaching the great minds of the future, I also manage the busy and bustling task of planning the Murray County Junior/Senior Prom.


I graduated from Berry College in 2004 with a degree in Vocal Performance specializing in opera and classical performance. I will begin my 3rd year of teaching in the fall and will complete my Masters in Special Education in December of 2009 from Valdosta State University! I have a beautiful son named Eli who is 3-years-old and who you will certainly meet and hear a lot about over the next year. I enjoy music and try to make sure that some kind of music is heard during each of my classes each day. My favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band and I try to make sure I see them in concert each year. I like art and try to paint when I get the chance, but I’m not finding that I have much time anymore. I try to keep up with the local art scene and really enjoy visiting local art festivals like this one. My favorite local artist is Terry Cannon. So now you know a little about me!



When you enter my Geometry class each day I want you to abandon everything you think you know about math. Somewhere along the long path of math education, you may have formed the idea that you, “don’t need to know this,” or “can’t use this for anything.” Together we will learn all the reasons why you will not only need to use Geometry, but WANT to use Geometry! Most of the students in my class are 10th and 11th grade  and some are taking Geometry for the first time, some for the second, and we all bring different and important perspectives to the classroom! I create many of our learning activities, but I also use resources such as this one to supplement our Georgia Performance Standards!  For more on Geometry resources for students see "The Compass" below!


graduation in our goal


The Compass
Student Resources for High School Geometry


Hotmath.com is a great site for gaining access to a tutor with all the comforts of home! Even better than that - they have a copy of your textbook and can give you the answers. There is a fee for using this site, but you can pay by the month instead of the year. This site is not required for the class, but is a wonderful resource when one is needed!


Math.com is a great resource if you just can't remember a single thing I said about ______. It will give you examples and can also test you on your understanding!


Need to see it to learn it? Sometimes you may need to "test drive" some of the concepts that we discuss in class to really understand how they work. This website lets you use interactive manipulatives to virtually experience Geometry!


Bored with class? Think class is so much fun that you just want to do it some more? LOVE GEOMETRY? This website is full of more complicated multi-step problems than we might do it class, however it gives you a great example of how you might apply Geometry. From time to time I may assign a problem from this site as extra credit!


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