Hop on the Alphabet Train
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
 M. Blevin's Kindergarten Class at Parker Mathis Elementary School
Designed by Shaina Gauthier, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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What are the first three letters of the alphabet?  Learn the entire alphabet at the PBS for kids.  Learning the alphabet will help you read all your favorits books.
Have you ever been to the zoo? Knowing the letters of the alphabet will help you learn all the different of animals.
Are you able to put the alphabet in the correct order?  It is a difficult task but you can do it with the book game.
Can you remember all the letters in the alphabet?  Learning your letters is the first step to reading. To become a strong reader learn the entire alphabet.

   Topic Mini-Research Activity

 Come on class! Lets use our imagination and hop on the alphabet train. It is time to explore all the letters in the alphabet at the zoo.  Here we will see many different kinds of  animals and learn what letter they start with. Can you name some animals you will see?  After a long day of learning the alphabet we will end our adventure by making animal masks!

Steps to Complete Real World Activities
1After learning about the different animals at the zoo on the Animal Planet web site go pick out an animal mask.
2.  Look at animals that you would see at the zoo.

3.  Pick out and color the animal mask provided.

4.  Cut around the animal mask the best you can.
5.  Cut holes for the eyes.
Attach string or elastic to sides of mask
7.  Have the students draw the letter that the animal starts with real big on the mask with a crayon.  Have them go around the classroom pretending to be the animal and have them ask other students about their mask.  They will say what the animal is and what letter it starts with.

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