This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Porter's Kindergarden Class at Hahira Elementary School By Sherrie Pippin a Pre- Service Teacher at Valdosta State University

hello from the Turkey

Are you ready to learn about Thanksgiving? Come with me as we travel back in time! We will learn all about the Pilgrims and Indians. We will also learn what it was really like to be at the first Thanksgiving. I have found some great sites for us to explore! Put on your Indian feathers and Pilgrim hats and LET'S GO!


pilgrim and indian children
During the first Thanksgiving the pilgims and Indians came together to celebrate each others differences and be thankful for what they had.
pilgrim boy
The Pilgrims were very brave people who worked very hard to make a new home for themselves.
indian girl
The Wampanoag were the first people who lived in America before the pilgims came. Let's see what their lives were like.
smoking turkey
How much do you know about your favorite Thanksgiving food. This website can tell you all about the yummy, intersting turkey.
YUMMY! This website has al kinds of wonderful Thanksgiving recipes.
the mayflower
Want to play some really fun games? How about make fun projects with some one else? This website will give you lots of fun ideas!

turkeys hunting man

Mission Scenario

Imagine that you are a Pilgrim. You have worked  very hard all year long to plant and grow your food. It is time to harvest your food and eat your Thanksgiving meal. You have invited everyone to come along, including the Indians. After you eat your "meal" draw a picture of what you served and what the Indians brought to share with you. You will be able to share this picture with your friends who didn't make it to the dinner. Remeber you can you use the website I gave you above to research the food and the one on the turkey below!

Mission Steps
1. Explore the websites above to learn about Thaksgiving. You will especially want to use this website just click on the Turkey!  
  turkey eating

2. After you see what they ate, draw your own picture of what you saw and ate at your dinner . Make sure that it is pretty and that you write about what your favorite food is!
3. Tell you teacher one thing you are Thankful for and what your favorite food at the feast was.

4. Give the picture to your teacher so he or she can put it on the Internet.



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