This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. William's Kindergarten class at Cook County Primary by Shannon Polch, a Valdosta State Pre-service Teacher.


Fall is one of our four seasons.  Many fun things happen during this season.  We will look at harvesting pumpkins and apples, Halloween safety, the Thanksgiving story, Daylight Savings, and why the leaves change colors during fall.  Also, I have included a website for fall coloring pictures.

1.  Halloween is a fun time for children.  But what is the history behind Halloween and all the funny customs we have?
2.  Halloween can be scary.  Please read this safety rules to make sure you are safe during this spooky times.

3.  Fall begins many holidays, Thanksgiving is one included.  Have you ever wondered what the history of Thanksgiving is?
4.  Leaves seem to do a magical thing when it becomes fall.  They leaves change.  Watch a movie about leaves changing colors.
5.  Why do leaves change colors in the fall?  Watch a movie about why leaves change colors.
6.  Fall begins the season for the harvesting of pumpkins.  Here are some fun facts about pumpkins.
7.  Let's go explore a pumpkin patch.  Learn fun facts about pumpkins.
8.  Learn scientific facts about pumpkins.  Do you know the history of pumpkins?
9.  During fall, we have shorter days, this is due to daylight savings.  When and why do we have this?
10.  In fall, we pick apples.  Why do we pick apples in the fall?
 crayons                          leaf
11.  Coloring fall pictures can be really fun.  Want to color a few pictures?

Scenario Mission
Now that we have gone through all the websites, it is time for some fun.  Your teacher wants to know all about pumpkins.  You have to pretend that you are a pumpkin farmer and find out as much as you can about pumpkins.

Your teacher wants you to tell all about pumpkins.  She wants you to tell where pumpkins come from, what colors they can come in, how they grow, where they grow, and any other facts you can learn about pumpkins.

Mission Steps
#1.  Click on the pumpkins link above.
#2.  Listen to the teacher tell you about the different facts that are listed on the website.
#3.  Now draw a picture that tells one of the interesting facts about pumpkins.
-where pumpkins come from
-what pumpkins look like

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