Charlotte's Web
E. B. White
Paint Picture & Story Designed by Shannon Polch


    Wilbur was born the runt of his family of pigs.  Thank goodness Fern was there to save his life from her father.  After Wilbur becomes too big for their pen in the yard, Wilbur is moved to Fern's uncle's farm down the road.  Day after day, Fern continues to visit Wilbur.

    Fern starts to grow up and visits less and less.  But one night Wilbur discovers a wonderful new friend.  Wilbur at this point meets Charlotte.  Charlotte is a beautiful spider with creative wit and an amazing vocabulary.  They immediately become best friends.

    After Wilbur becomes a grown pig, he begins to worry that his life might be in danger.  The farmer might think he is ready to be taken to the butcher.  Well it is Charlotte to the rescue.  Her web saves Wilbur's life throughout the story.  And makes him a famous pig.

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