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By: Shannon Polch


Welcome!  My name is Shannon Polch.  I am a junior at  purfish Valdosta State University, and I am pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Education
.  I plan to graduate in Spring 2005I have always wanted to be a teacher.  I used to make my family members pretend they were my students, and I was always the teacher.  I enjoy being around children and I can't wait to be around them as a teacher.


I was born in Painesville, Ohio.  I lived there for my first year of life.  My family and I then moved to Fort Valley, Georgia.  I lived in Fort Valley for almost my entire child and adolescent years.  I made lots of friends.  It is a small town with hardly anything interesting to do.  I graduated from Peach County High School in May of 2001.  My graduating class was one of the largest to come out of Peach County High and we were the first class of the millennium.


The day after I graduated we moved to
Bradenton, FL.
  Bradenton is in Manatee County.  We have spotted numerous manatees even though they are an endangered species.  I love going home to visit my mom, dad, and little brother.  We have a blast going to the beach, going out on our boat, and sometimes we go to Pirates Cove.  My little brother, cousins, and I play putt putt and ride go-carts.  We have a blast.


After I graduate from Valdosta State, I would love the opportunity to travel to a few foreign countries.
  Australia would have to be my first choice.  I want to see all the jungles and wild animals that live there.  Also, I love the accent they have.