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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Marci's Pre-K Class at Cook County Preschool
Designed by Stacey Atkinson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving?  Who attended the first Thanksgiving meal?
Do you know which bird is the biggest found on a farm?  Click here to find out.

The Mayflower Take a tour on the Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America.  Learn what daily life at sea was really like in 1620.

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We usually eat turkey and dressing as part of our Thanksgiving meal.  What do you think the Pilgrims and Indians ate at the first Thanksgiving meal?  Let's find out.
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There are many fun and interesting facts about Thanksgiving.  To find out more, visit this encyclopedia web site.

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fall vegetablesMission Activityfall vegetables
     Today you have been chosen for a very important mission.  Many people are confused about what kinds of food were served at the first Thanksgiving meal.  It is your mission to set the record straight.  On a paper plate, you are to draw and color pictures of at least three different foods that were served at that first Thanksgiving meal.  You will dictate to the teacher what each picture represents, and she will write underneath the picture.  To review what foods were actually served, click here.

turkeyMission Activity Stepsturkey

1.  Explore the websites listed above.

2.  As you are visiting these websites, pay close attention to the
     food that was served at the first Thanksgiving meal.

3.  Choose at least three different foods from that first
     Thanksgiving meal.  Draw and color the foods on a paper
     plate.  You may dictate to your teacher what each food is
     so that she can write underneath it.

4.  Take your time and do a great job because your teacher will
     post your picture on the Internet.

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