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Winder-Barrow Middle School, home of  the BullPups, is located in the heart of Winder Georgia.
Our school motto is

 "Powerfully United in the Pursuit of Success" .
star crossed

Welcome to Ms. Ackerman's homepage. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I moved to Georgia from Ohio almost two years ago and I love it here. Presently I am working on my masters degree in special education at Valdosta State University and am quite busy. When I get a spare moment I can usually be found with my family, including our most recent additon; Bailey, a hilarous puppy! Aside from my family I enjoy many hobbies including travel, music, and hiking.

Reading is yet another of my favorite pastimes and when I'm reading I feel as if I'm "out of this world". Another favorite hobby is gardening especially shade gardens. When I plant a shade garden I  imagine dense jungles with high canopies and lush tropical plants.
El Yunque is one of tropical rain forests that visit when I go to Puerto Rico. I get inspiration for my gardens there.

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 Right now I'm ending my first year as a special education math and science teacher. I teach 6th grade and believe I have the best students in the entire school. They enjoy being challenged in math especially when they get to play computer math games. Someday I hope to teach my favorite subject..... READING!

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