This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Fulgham's Pre-Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School
Designed by Kaley Ford, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Can you name the all the animals on a farm? Do you know what their job is? This website will tell you each farm animal's specific purpose and what they are used for.

All the farm animals make very different sounds. Can you make those sounds? Visit this website to learn how.
  Where does milk come from? What does it have to do with the farm? This website will show you how milk is made.
What are the farm animals are called when they are babies? Go to this website to learn all about the baby animals on a farm.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Imagine you are a farmer. You have a huge farm full of animals and it is your job every morning to get up really early and feed all the animals. Draw a picture with each kind of animal on your farm. You only need to draw one for each group of animals since you feed the group at the same time. Remember that each animal on the farm has a specific purpose. This is why it is very important to feed each and every one and not forget any of them. If they do not get to eat, it will be hard for them to do their jobs for the day. When you work on a farm you need all the help from the animals you can get! Incase you need help remembering all those animals on your farm, visit this website about all the farm animals and it will remind you.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1) Explore all the websites above about farm animals to learn all about the animals on the farm and what their purposes are.
2) As you look through the websites, start to think about the picture that you are going to draw to help you remember all of the animals and where all the animals should be.
3) Start creating your farm drawing. Remember not to forget any of the animals on your farm!
4) When you are finished, give the drawing to your teacher and tell her what each animal is so she can label them for you. Then, your teacher will put your picture on the Internet.

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