The Wild World of Tigers
This TopicQuest was designed for Keegan and Kelsey
at Indian Creek Elementary School by Sam Jordan,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Tigers are considered the largest cats in the world. They live in steamy hot jungles as well as icy cold forests of Asia. Most tigers are tawny brown in color with dark stripes and whitish stomachs, although there are some that are white. Years ago, there were eight kinds of tigers. Today, there are only five kinds of tigers. The other three kinds of tigers are gone forever - they are extinct. Tigers are an endangered species; only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers are left in the wild. 

Image: Tigers
Would you like to see a real live tiger in action? Go to this website and click on Watch the Tiger Video.
Would you like to have fun while learning about saving tigers? Come on into The Tiger's Den at Kids For Tigers.
Do you know how long Tigers have been around? This page tells the history of Tigers.
Did you know Jaguars, Leapords, Cheetahs, Lions and Pumas are also part of the Wild Cat family? This website has interesting information about the different kinds of Wild Cats.
Would you like to have fun while learning about tigers? Click here for Tiger Adventures.
Tigers are an endangered species. Check out this site to find out why.
Kids are doing all kinds of things to help tigers. Learn about what other kids have done to help save the tiger and how you can help.
A friendly tiger talks about why tigers have stripes, how fast tigers run, and other tiger trivia. Get it straight from the tiger's mouth.
There are five kinds of tigers. Learn all about the five subspecies by clicking on this link.
Most tigers are tawny brown in color with dark stripes and whitish stomachs. Find out facts about the rare White Tiger.
Do you know where tigers live? This page will tell you the different ranges of Tiger habitation.
How much do you know about tigers? Go to this site, click on Take The Quiz, and find out. welcomes you
This site provides the formal definition of what a tiger is. To learn more about this large carnivore of the Cat Family, click here.
Tiger Handbook
Would you like to know how zoos provide a suitable environment for captive tigers? This site will show you what is needed to make sure the tiger feels at home. 

Imagine you work for Tiger Land Zoo in Stripe City. The zoologists have just brought in a new tiger named Tigger, and they have chosen you to set up Tigger's new home. It should be an imitation of his natural environment, including all the right elements to make him feel at home. After reading about designing a home for tigers, draw a picture of the new home you are going to build for Tigger. 
Mission Steps
1. Pretend you work for a zoo that has chosen you to set up a 
    home for a new tiger.

2. Click on the webpage for designing a home for tigers and read
     about all the different elements needed to build the home.

3. Draw a picture of the home you are going to build to make 
    Tigger think he is in his natural environment.

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