Jonah and the Whale
by Sarah Toast
Picture and Page Designed by Sam Jordan

    A long time ago, the Assyrian people, who lived in the city of Ninevah, were cruel and wicked. And God was unhappy with them. One day God God spoke to Johah, telling him to go at once to Ninevah and warn the people that God was going to punish them if they did not change their ways. Jonah did not want to do what God asked because he was Hebrew, and the Assyrians were the Hebrews' enemies.

    Jonah decided to go far away from Ninevah and not do what God told him.  He packed food and water and set out on a journey for the town of Joppa to find a ship that was headed for Tarshish. He boarded the ship and went to sleep because he was tired.

    The ship set sail under clear blue skies. Then God sent a great wind. The sailors all threw the ship's cargo into the sea to make the ship lighter. The ship's captain found Jonah and woke him up. Jonah told him that he was running from God and that was why God had made the storm. Jonah told the crew to throw him in the sea and it would quiet down. They threw him in the sea and the waters grew calm.

    A huge whale swallowed Jonah. He was in the whale's belly for three days and nights. Jonah prayed to God, and the whale coughed him out onto the shore. Once again God told Jonah to travel to Nineveh. This time, Jonah obeyed.


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