Jump Into Counting
  This page is dedicated to Grant and Bridget, thank you for letting me teach you this summer.
Designed by Shirley Ann Young



Come on explorers and lets read a counting book online. 


Let's count Polly's cheese.

jumping boy

Come on explorers jump into the clouds and start counting.


Can you move the train box-carts to make a number train?

Mini-Research Real-World Activity

Jump into Counting

Boys and girls today we are going to jump into counting. We will be counting many things on the computer. Let's get seated, put our exploring hats on and jump into counting. Go to the web pages and get started exploring. As explores I am giving you paper and colored pencils. After exploring the web sites I want you to pick a number between 1and 5. Now that you have you picked your number draw pictures to go with your number.  Way to go you have now explored numbers.

Steps for the Real-World Activity
  1. Explore the web sites.
  2. Play the games.
  3. Pick a number between 1 - 5.
  4. Explore take the number you picked and draw that many pictures.
  5. Let the teacher know your finished she will want to know what your discovered today.

Topic Literature Activity
Goat Book
Written by Janet Stevens

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1. If you were one of the goats what would you say to the troll?
2. If you were the troll what would you tell the billy goats about the grass?


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Topic Literature Lesson Plan