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    Cinderella is a classic love story that many girls and boys have grown up with.  Cinderella takes place in the 1920's with the main characters as Cinderella, the prince and the two ugly stepsisters.  Throughout the beginning of the story, Cinderella is shown cleaning the dishes, washing the floors and all odd jobs that a maid of the household typically does plus more.  Poor Cinderella just wants to go about the town and have fun like her step-sisters, but her step-sisters and wicked step-mother will not allow her.  

    Early one afternoon the prince and his dog deliver invitation's to the ball that will be held on Friday.  Cinderlella's household recieves an invitation and the two ugly step-sisters and Cinderella are so excited about the ball.  Unfortunatley, the two step-sisters announce to Cinderella that she will not be going to the ball.

     Cinderella was so sad that she sat down and cried.  Cinderella's fairy god mother magically appears because Cinderella is so sad and the fairy god mother makes a carriage and a gown appear for Cinderella to go to the ball!  Cinderella was so excited and happy! 

    The fairy god mother told Cinderella that she must be back at the house by midnight because the carriage, the dress, the shoes, etc. will all disappear and she will return back into her rags.  Cinderella agreed and hurriedly rushed to the ball looking more beautiful and elegant than anyone at the ball!

    The prince was in love at first sight when Cinderella arrived at the ball!  The prince and Cinderella danced until midnight, Cinderella left, but the prince never knew what Cinderella's name was and all he had to remember her by was her glass slipper that she left behind at the ball.  The prince was madly in love and needed to find Cinderella because he wanted to marry her. 

    The next morning the prince knocked on every door in town for the girl that fit the glass slipper.  When he came to Cinderella's house, the two ugly step sisters tried to squeeze their big feet into the slipper. 

    The step sisters made Cinderella hide but the prince somehow knew that there was another girl in the house.  Cinderella came out , tried the shoe on and the shoe was a perfect fit!  The prince asked Cinderella to marry him and they lived happily ever after!!  Cinderella never had to answer to her step sister and step mother's orders ever again!

Critical Thinking Questions
1.)  How would you feel if you were in Cinderella's situation?
2.)  How would you deal with your two ugly stepsisters and step-mother controlling and laughing       at you all the time?

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