Create Your Own Fairytale Adventures
Designed by Sara Blair
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Medieval bridge with trees and a river  

     Hi! My name is Sara Blair. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University, where I am a junior. My expected graduation date is Spring of 2008. I hope to teach second grade near my hometown of Barney, Ga. After I become a teacher, I plan to further my education by obtaining a master's degree. Reading is not only an essential tool of learning; it can be exciting. In my future classroom, I plan to share my love of learning through reading by having fun. I believe that all books written for children create the opportunity for adventures in reading!

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  jack and the beanstalk                          forest

  Over the summer I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia . The experience was incredible. While in Europe, I developed a passion for Photography. Some of the pictures on my page were actually taken there, by me, in a town named Pavlovsk , which dates back as far as the 1700’s! I plan to spend part of my summers as a teacher traveling Europe, Australia and various states in the United States.

russian fairytale 

A website that I find interesting is EduPuppy. It offers suggestions dealing with classroom management, holiday activities and includes ways to help your students have fun while learning. Another website that is helpful to teachers, parents and students is Literacy Center. Online lessons are offered that help students learn to read, write and sort shapes and colors. This website would be very useful for students who need a little extra help in the beginning. The most useful website I found was the Florida Reading Asscociation. It has many website links on one page that could be very helpful to a teacher.


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