Soaring Through The Solar System

This TopicQuest was designed for Libby and Jeffery
By Sonya Lott, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

solar system

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut and take a trip into outer space? Have you ever wanted to watch the Earth rise instead of the sun? If you have, then this is the web site for you! We are going to visit different web sites that have information about our Solar System. We will be able to see pictures of all the planets, read interesting facts about each planet, and watch a movie about the Solar System. So...put on your space suit and get ready to blast-off! Let the exploring begin! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... BLAST OFF!

saturn  is an encyclopedia web site that has information on the Solar System. You can learn about the planets, the sun, and several other objects found in space. Click on the highlighted words for extra information.
Would you like to learn some interesting facts about our Solar System? Do you want to know which planets are located in the Inner Solar System? This is the web site for you! Check out information on the nine planets here.
Watch this cool movie about the Solar System and then take a quiz to see how much you learned. Yahooligans teamed up with Brainpop to bring you this movie. Rev up your rocket and blast away to this site!
This web site not only has great information about the planets, it also has information about the moons that orbit some of the planets. When you get to Kids Astronomy, you can choose form several topics about the Solar System.
Do you like to look at pictures? Do you like to test your knowledge? offers you a lot of  pictures to look at and a lot of quizzes to take! Test your knowledge after looking at this web site to see how much you learned.
earth rise
This is the web site to see the Earth rise from the moon. Dustbunny even offers sky maps for you to use as you map your way around the Solar System. Put on your space suit and blast off to this wonderful site!

NASA needs your help! They need a picture of the Solar System. Your mission is to first, view the different web sites of the Solar System. Next, Make a picture of the Solar System. Then, you are to list three interesting facts about each planet. I will then place your picture and your facts on the Internet to share with other people.  Have fun as you explore the Solar System.

Mission Steps
1. We are going to look at the web sites about the Solar System.
2. We are then going to open up MS Paint so that you can draw a picture of the Solar System. I will guide you through this mission to show you different features of MS Paint.
3. You will then write three interesting facts about each of the nine planets on a sheet of paper. (You may go back to the different web sites and review the information if you need to.)
4. After you have drawn your picture and written your facts, I will then place your work on the Internet for others to see.

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