"Welcome to the World"

    This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Penar's Kindergarden Class at Hahira Elemenmtary
School by Stacy Hampton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

When viewed from space, our Earth is a beautiful blue, white and brown planet. It revolves around a star that we call the sun. Earth is the third planet from the sun. For life on Earth, this is just the right distance. The white parts of the Earth that you can see from space are clouds and ice. The brown parts are land. We call the large land areas continents.

Look here to find out all about maps.  You can find many things out about the maps at the web site maps.com.
We have seven continents in the United States.  Asia is our largest continent and Africa is the second largest. You can search the  web site above and find more facts about all of our continents.
Did you know that our Earth is a very important place?   It spins once in about 24 hrs which is oneday. it also was discoered 4.5 billion yers ago.  That is only a couple of Earth facts click on the web site above and find many more facts.

There are many animals that live on our Earth today.  There are so many we could never  learn all about them and what they do or eat. Click on this animal web page to learn about lots of them.

Wouldn't you love to be a part of helping clean up your environment? Click on the Earth Day web site and find many ways you can help.

Check out this web site to play games and learn more exciting things about the Earth.

Find out how many people are actually living on the Earth besides just you and your family and friends.  Census.com

Visit this site to learn more about the animals  that live on our planet. You can also play games and do all kinds of fun stuff at Kid's Planet.

Click on this web page and view  maps of the Earth in many different ways. Earth and Moon

Everyone ready !!! We are going to be navigators for the day. We are going to explore the Earth and the seven continents. You have the job of finding out important facts about different things about the Earth today such as the animals, and the continents.

Mission Steps:
1. Explore the sites on this web page
2. Learn as many facts as you can about the Earth
3. Draw a picture of 1 important fact that you found interesting
4. Share the picture with your teacher and then write a fact about it or let your teacher help you write a fact.
5. Then turn your picture into your teacher

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