Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone
By: Frieda Wishinsky
Page Designed By: Stacy Hampton

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         Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone is a book about a liitle girl who has a crush on this little boy. The little girl Jennifer aggravates him so much. She is always writing him love letters and wanting to sit and play with him. One day he finds out that Jennifer is going to have to move away. He is so happy about the good news. She starts writing him letters about all her adventures she has been going on. Well one day he realizes that he misses Jennifer. He has noone to play at  recess with or noone writing him letters and he misses that. She writes him a letter to tell him that she is going to move back home. He is so excited, but at school he has to pretend that he is discusted because he does not want to be made fun of. When she finally gets here though everything goes back to normal and they are both happy!!!

Critical Thinking Questions:

                1.  Did the little boy really like Jennifer and was just embarrassed because he thought he would get laughed at?

                          2. Why did it take her moving away for him to realize he would miss her?

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