This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
for Mrs. Thomas' Kindergarten Class
at Moulton Branch Elementary School
Designed By Shelly Hadsock,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Spring Picture

purple butterfly

Have you ever noticed that butterflies start fluttering about when the warm weather starts to arrive?  Butterflies go through many changes before they become beautiful and start fluttering about! Read more about butterflies here.


Spring is an excellent time to start a garden! Have you ever planted anything in the ground? This website can help you start a garden of your own and teach you when you should start planting!

kids with an umbrella

"April showers bring May flowers." During Spring, the weather changes from cold to warm, then it often  begins to rain! The earth needs the rain so the plants can grow in the Springtime!


 Ladybugs are cute and interesting! Have you ever wondered about the life of a ladybug? Check out this website about ladybugs to have many of your questions answered!

Grow a Garden
BAM! You are now a grown up! The season is Spring and the weather is super warm! Butterflies are fluttering around you and the ground is damp from the morning rain. You walk outside and into the shed. You pick up your garden tools and head into the garden to plant some of the things that you know will grow well in the Spring. Once you get done planting your garden, head back inside and cool off with a nice tall glass of lemonade. Take out a piece of paper and draw the garden you just planted! Don't forget that it's springtime and only certain things grow well during this time of the year!!

1.Go to the garden facts website!
2.Click on the picture of the carrot that says "veggies."
3.Use the orange buttons to find plants that grow well in the Spring. Remember that it is warm and rainy. Springtime begins in March.
4. Once you find 2 vegetables that grow in the Spring, draw a picture of them on the piece of construction paper that I have given you.
5. Label the plants you have drawn.


Topic Literature Activity
Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
Written By:Edith Pattou
Illustrations By: Tricia Tusa

  Book Picture

Topic Literature Activity
 Check out this link on gardening to better understand plants and how they grow.

1.  What are two things that can be found in Mrs. Spitzer's classroom?
  What happens after Mrs. Spitzer waters the seeds, feeds the seeds and make sure they get plenty of sun?
3.  How often does Mrs. Spitzer check for weeds and pests?
4.  When is Mrs. Spitzer's job done?
1. If you were a Mrs. Spitzer, what would you plant in your garden? 
2. How would you care for your garden?

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