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My name is Shelly Hadsock and I am  22 years old.  I am in my first professional semester as an Early Childhood Education major at Valdosta State University. This is my fourth year at VSU and I can not wait to finish and begin my career as a school teacher.  I spend my time working with children as both a tutor and a nanny.  I love working with children and making a large impact in their hearts and minds. My dream job would be working in a small private school in a Kindergarten classroom.
I was born and raised in Douglas, Georgia and moved to Valdosta almost four years ago. I have a small family that I love spending time with. My parents are Danny and Dianne and  I  have one sibling, Clay.  My mom is currently a kindergarten teacher, and has been teaching for 30 years.  My dad recently retired from teaching at Coffee High School. Clay has chosen a different path, and became a home mortgage loan officer for Genesis Mortgage, here in Valdosta. I hope to one day be as well-rounded and respected, in the education world, as both of my parents.
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In my spare time I love to travel.  So far I have been to most of the Eastern states and several of the  Mid-Western states.  I have also traveled to Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico and Whistler,British Columbia in Canada.  My favorite place that I have been so far would have to be Hawaii.  Everything about it is beautiful. I have enjoyed taking pictures at all of these places.  After coming home from these places, I have  enjoyed scrapbooking and reliving the memories from the pictures. 


As a preservice teacher I think there are several websites that could be useful.  The Jan Brett website includes stories to read, games to play that relate to the stories on the website. Another website I have found useful is the Learn 4 Good Website.  They have resources for children of all ages in all subjects.

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