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Hello!  Welcome to my web page!  My name is Shawna Cronin and I am a Junior
at Valdosta State University where I study to become a teacher.  I want to teach a wide range
of students.  I am always up for a challenge!  I am involved in an off campus program which takes
place on the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) campus in Tifton, Georgia.  This program
involves a degree for Early Childhood  and Interrelated Special Education.

I would like to visit Italy one day.  I think Carnival would be a great time to go to Venice, but
I would also like to visit the beautiful, great vineyards and cathedrals that are landmarks in this part
of the world.  My sister and her family lived in La Madellena, Italy for a couple of years and absolutely
loved everything about the country.  They are moving to Pensacola, Florida very soon and I cannot wait!!!

I actually stayed with my sister in Pensacola whenever my second born nephew, Blake, was born.
I enjoy the gulf shores.  Most of the activities that I enjoy can be done in these areas.
Some of my favorite pastimes include swimming, collecting seashells, running, walking,
drawing, painting, and relaxing while reading a good book.

I have found Dr. Mac's website to be very useful in classroom management and conducting behavioral changes.  Another website that I feel I have used to gain great lesson plans and lesson plan ideas is  Discovery's website.

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