Pilgrims and Wampanoags and Turkeys,
Oh My!
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Camron's Pre-K class at the Valdosta Community Daycare Center
By ShaDawn Anderson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


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A long time ago a group of people sailed away to what would later become known as America. They were in search of a place where they could be free to believe whatever they wanted. These people were called Pilgrims and they landed in Plymouth.Life in the new land was extremely harsh. Winters were cold. Many settlers died and many others gave up their new found freedom and sailed back home. With help from the Native Americans, those who remained learned how to grow crops and they harvested a large feast. In the fall of 1621, the new settlers sat down to a large feast with their Native American neighbors in what some call the First Thanksgiving.

Are you ready to travel back in time to find out what really happened on the first Thanksgiving
corn Would you like to know the story of the first Thanks giving?
turkey Learn facts about the first thanksgiving through the encyclopedia Wikipedia
ship Have you ever wondered about what life was like for the pilgrims and their native neighbors or what the Mayflower looked like?
indianhuntinturkey Explore facts about pilgrim life at Pilgrim Hall
Find out about the first Thanksgiving and play some fun Thanksgiving games


Oh No! All the history books fell apart and all the pages are mixed up and we need your help. You are a top notch historian. We need you to travel back through time to 1621 and the first Thanksgiving to find out what REALLY happened. Please bring back 3 facts and an illustration from that day so we can put back the last piece to the history books


Mission Steps:

1. Go to the What Really Happened website.
2. Explore the site
3. Write down or have an assistant write three (3) interesting facts about pilgrims, the native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving.
4. Draw and color a picture of the first Thanksgiving.



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